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Custom Portfolio

Successful custom yachts are born from spirit, vision, design, planning, management, and experience. Having previously developing some of the world’s finest custom sportfish and custom yachts, we understand that excellence is the expectation. We believe that a custom yacht is not a prototype. In order to meet all of her requirements including aesthetics, performance, cost, specification, and timeline, the planning and naval architecture starts the project in motion. An integrated approach of then maintaining bill of materials, weight study, design and manufacturing deliverable schedules, tooling, and production support is needed to ensure success. Working with owners, builders, suppliers, and project managers is a key component to the synchronicity required. Construction and fabrication techniques may be highly customized and are adaptable to fit the required budget and timeline. We understand the critical nature of choosing the right team members to fit and support your project and we look forward to succeeding with your next project.

  • Exterior Design
  • Design & Styling of Components & Integration
  • Conceptual Plan & Profile Development
  • Interior Design & Fabrication Drawings
  • Conceptual Arrangements, Architectural, & Fabrication Details
  • Hull Design
  • Sportfish, Performance Yacht, Trawler, Catamaran
  • Fabrication Materials & Scantlings
  • Composites, Aluminum, Steel, Wood, Honeycomb
  • Powertrain, Mechanical & Electrical Systems
  • Turbo Diesel, TurboJet, Diesel Electric, Underwater Exhaust, Electric Switch Panels