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Government Portfolio

When security is at stake and lives are on the line, compromises are not an option. The crew and mission deserve unparalleled performance, technological superiority, and unwavering reliability. Ocean5 is experienced in designing vessels that meet these stringent demands for governments at home and abroad. These vessel designs protect the crew by mitigating accelerations, handling predictably, and providing a safe, comfortable platform to conduct operations. Integration of systems, weapons, electronics and communications facilitate the mission allowing the crew to safely and effectively operate. Ocean5 is highly skilled in coalescing a thorough understanding of the mission and a comprehensive knowledge of the requirements into a superior vessel design that fulfills the demands of the government, the mission and the crew.

CAGE: 59EE6     DUNS: 927341227

Capabilities Statement

  • Foreign and Domestic Government Craft
  • Patrol
  • Combat
  • High Speed
  • Littoral Craft
  • Open Water
  • Comprehensive RFI and RFP Responses
  • Mission Configurable
  • Reduced Signature
  • Ballistic Protection
  • Shock Mitigation
  • SED 8 Analysis
  • Combat Weapons Integration
  • Integrated Electronics Systems